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  • Overcoming Barriers in Minds and Society


Parallel Session 3: 11:30-13:00

Narrative Enhancement and Cognitive Therapy (NECT) for self-stigma among persons diagnosed with severe mental illness: International applications and research findings

Lars Hansson
Implementation and effectiveness of NECT in Sweden Implementation and effectiveness of NECT in Sweden


Stigma and self-stigma among young people

1. Kirsten Catthoor
Adolescents with personality disorders suffer from severe stigma

2. Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg
Self-stigmatisation amoung young people with a mental illness


Structural discrimination

1. Annika Frida Petersen
Mental health patients and Danish Health Law – Stigma and Discrimination

2. Per Vendsborg
Structural Discrimination in Denmark


Unequal access to somatic health care

1. Sylvia Johannsen & Anita Ulsing
Inequality in Health - An Analysis of Health Promotion for People with Mental Illness in an Intersectoral

3. Kim Heyes
Individual illness - Narrative stories of people with mentali ll health


Parallel Session 4: 14:00-15:30

Changing attitudes and overcoming stigma at work

Madeleine McGivern
Lessons from Time to Change

Andrew Thorp
A beyondblue perspective

Anti-stigma programs aimed at young people

1. Jo Loughran
Developing insights driven anti-stigma programmes for young people

3. Laura Sharpe & Zoe Mason
“What’s on your mind?” A whole school population approach to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination

Fighting stigma through peer support

1. Nicolaj Holm Ravn Faber
How can peer support reduce stigma? And how do I work with peers?

2. Klavs Serup Rasmussen & Anne Thøgersen
Peer-support and destigmatization – promising cases from Denmark


People with lived experience overcoming barriers in minds and society

1. Pablo García-Cubillana
1 in 4, tackling stigma in Andalusia (Spain) from general public campaigns to empowering the associative movement

3. Mads Trier Blom
Reflections from the frontline – “ONE OF US” ambassadors break barriers


Antistigma interventions targeting professionals in somatic and social care

1. Stephanie Knaak
Understanding Stigma: Results of a Mixed Methods Evaluation of an Anti-stigma Program for Healthcare Providers in Canada

2. Calum Irving
Tackling stigma and discrimination in health and social care; a Scottish perspective on challenges and opportunities

3. Francisco Jose Eiroa-Orosa
Validation of an instrument developed using participatory-action-research techniques to measure the effectiveness of training and sensitization activities with mental health professionals


Reducing stigma in mental health treatment

2. Pia Vedel Ankersen
The Influence of Psychiatric Treatments on Self-perceived Capabilities and Identity

3. Lise-Lotte Efryd Vejen-Jensen
My personal story and recovery


ONE OF US communication and activity strategy at national and regional level

1. Tobias Enné
Communication and social media strategy


Stigma and discrimination in Chinese communities

1. Jie Li
Stigma and discrimination experienced by people with schizophrenia living in the community in Guangzhou, China

2. Jie Li
Comprehensive interventions to reduce stigma and discrimination in schizophrenia: A Community-Based Randomized Controlled Trial in Guangzhou, China


Parallel Session 5: 16:00-17:30

Best Practices in Stigma Reduction 

Opening Minds - Changing How We See Mental Illness
Micheal Pietrus
Romie Christie
Sue Mercer
Stephanie Knaak


Attitudes among mental health professionals

1. Mariangela Lanfredi
Mental health professionals’ attitudes toward people with borderline personality disorder: an Italian survey

2. Qi Yuan
Attitudes to Mental Illness among Mental Health Professionals Working in Singapore - Evidence from a Cross-sectional Study

3. Eva Tušková
Attitudes of Czech nurses working in the field of psychiatrytowards people with mental illness and community care


Analysis of media coverage and interventions

3. Johanne Bratbo
Analysis of mental illness in the Danish media


Evaluation tools focused on a lived experience perspective

2. Anja Kare Vedelsby
The ONE OF US panel

3. Anja Kare Vedelsby
Ambassador survey


Antistigma and social inclusion in low resource settings

2. Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana
From Darkness into the Light: The case of the confined and physically restrained mentally ill individuals in Bali, Indonesia

3. Prakash Goossens
Global campaign “Breaking the chains of stigma in mental health”


Alternative activities to improve mental health

1. Anja Kammacher
When riding the bike, everybody’s equal


Antistigma interventions in low resource settings

1. Pallab Maulik
Perceptions about stigma related to mental health in rural India: a mixed methods assessment of stigma

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