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  • Overcoming Barriers in Minds and Society


Parallel Session 1: 11:30-13:00

Overcoming stigma in the media: Initiatives, challenges, and future directions

Opening Minds - News Media
Michael Pietrus and Romie Christie


Research and planning for the next stage of social change in England
Jo Loughran and Sue Baker


Stigma and recovery

Guadalupe Morales Cano
Formation: a key tool for Recovery and fight of stigma and discrimination

Christina Færch Jensen
Team Zest for Life – a non stigmatic approach


Disclosure at the workplace

1. Catherine van Zelst
Disclosure of mental health complaints in the workplace

2. Lone Hellström
Results of a supported employment intervention (IPS-MA), and the importance of disclosure

3. Johanne Bratbo
Disclosure as part of an antistigma effort


Stigma and lived experience among mental health professionals

1. Katrina Scior
Lived Experience and Stigma among Mental Health Service Providers

2. Joseph S. DeLuca
Associative Stigma among Mental Health Professionals: Converging Results from Three Studies

3. Nicholas Lawson
Structural stigma and discrimination against medical students and residents with suspected mental disorders


OR-4: Interventions for parents promoting disclosure about mental illness

2. Jan Sandberg
Interventions for parents with mental illness


School based mental health interventions

1. Bettina Friedrich & Julia Schleimer
Talk About Change: An Evaluation of a Mental Health Intervention in a Californian School


Parallel Session 2: 14:30-16:00

Lessons from evaluation of three anti stigma programmes

Heather Stuart
Lessons Learned from the Evaluation of Three Anti-stigma Programs - Canada


Inequality in somatic health care
Johanne Bratbo


Stigma and its impact on suicide attempt survivors

Nathalie Oexle
Mental illness stigma, suicide stigma and suicide prevention


Mental health and diversity works! 

Victor Vladar
Dorien Verhoeven
Noortje Zomer
Klaas-Pieter Derks


Overcoming digital barriers: Results of beyondblue research into stigma reduction using digital interventions

Andrew Thorp
Devon Indig
Alison Kennedy


Double stigma in the mental health care system

1. Sidsel Busch 
Stigma turns patients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders into non-patients without rights to proper and competent treatment in the psychiatric treatment system in Denmark


Stigma as a barrier for caregivers’ help-seeking

3. Mads Trier Blom
The fool who changed the game


Stigma among special population groups

1. Victoria Frye
Mental Health and HIV Stigma

3. Lauren O’Connor
Experience of Dual Self-Stigma Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Persons with Severe Mental Illness


A label, an illness or a curse? - Renaming schizophrenia

Antonio Lasalvia
Words matter: after more than a century it is time to cosign ‘schizophrenia’ to history

Charlene Sunkel 
Together Against Stigma - Schizophrenia

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