• Overcoming Barriers in Minds and Society

Call for Abstracts

The 8. International Together against Stigma Conference to be held 20.-22. September 2017 in
Copenhagen is now accepting abstracts for symposia, oral presentations and posters. The theme of the
conference is Overcoming Barriers in Minds and Society.

Abstract submissions will be asked to relate to one or more of the five overall themes at the conference:

  • People with lived experience of mental illness, their peers, relatives and carers
  • Professionals, staff and clinical practice
  • Work and social inclusion
  • Youth and other special population groups
  • Communication and the media

The abstract submission deadline is 15. January 2017 for symposia and 1. March 2017 for individual
presentations and posters. Individuals submitting abstracts will be notified by email whether or not their
abstract has been selected by 1. April 2017. An individual or group may submit more than one abstract,
but a separate electronic submission is required for each submission. Abstracts will be reviewed on a
first come, first serve basis by an international scientific committee, so early submission is
recommended. Applicants who are not accepted for oral presentations may be offered the option of a
poster presentation.

In submitting your abstract, you will be asked to:

  • Certify that your abstract is an original contribution
  • Grant permission on behalf of yourself and your co-presenters that the conference organisers
    can publish your abstract in any conference-related publication deemed appropriate for the
    promotion and knowledge translation goals of the conference
  • Grant permission on behalf of yourself and your co-presenters to have a synopsis of your
    presentation, which will be prepared by the conference organisers, included in any conference
    related publication
  • Confirm acceptance and pay the conference registration fee by 15. April 2017. Only individuals
    who have paid the conference registration fee will be included in the final program.

Abstract Submission
Abstracts must be a maximum of 300 words with no tables, charts, graphs or references.

Abstracts must be submitted online as follows:

  • Symposia will be allocated 1.5 hours and should contain a maximum of 4 interrelated
    presentations addressing a common theme. Symposia presenters should specify a Chair for
    their session who will manage introductions, maintain presentation times, and coordinate
    questions and discussion.
  • Oral presentations will be allocated a maximum time of 20 minutes including questions. Oral
    presentations will be organized into theme based sessions by the Conference organizers.
  • Posters will be accepted in a standard format (maximum size of 60 cm x 90 cm). Posters are
    expected to be available to be viewed throughout the entire conference. Poster presenters will
    be assigned a specific time period in which they are to attend their poster to address questions.

Information required for all submissions

  • Names of each presenter/author
  • Institutional affiliation of each presenter/author
  • Email of corresponding presenter/author
  • Indication of the type of submission (Symposia; Oral presentation; Poster)
  • Conference theme to which the presentation relates
  • Title of presentation


  • A 300-word summary of the main theme of the symposium
  • The name and institutional affiliation of the designated Chair of the Symposium
  • A separate 300-word abstract (outlining the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions) for
    each of the 4 symposium presentations
  • A way to link each symposium presentation to the overall Symposium theme

Oral presentations and posters:

  • A 300-word (maximum) summary of the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions

Download abstract form

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